Populus Law LLC

About Populus

Experience. Quality. Judgment.

Populus Law LLC

Founded by trial attorney Nicholas Boebel in 2017, Populus Law brings years of experience, a commitment to client results, and the judgment to make it happen at the right price. Populus Law protects businesses, individuals, property, and consumers, throughout the court process and at trial in courtrooms throughout the United States.

Nick brings years of experience in all facets of litigation and business practice to Populus Law. He spent 6 years at one of the largest trial focused law firms in Minneapolis, founded and operated a boutique law firm for 5 years, and spent another 5 years at one of the United States' largest plaintiff class action firms in Seattle.    

Populus Law prefers fees that most accurately reflect the value of the service provided and share the risk of litigation. Whether the appropriate fee structure is a blended contingency, a pure contingency, a success fee, flat fees by month or case stage, Populus Law has the experience and judgment to figure out the most appropriate fee for your case.   


What is Populus?

Populus is a genus of plant including Aspen and Poplar trees. The roots of certain Populus trees, including the Aspen, join together underground despite appearing as individual, lone trees above ground.

Like an above-ground Aspen tree, each case is unique and stands alone. And like the Aspen tree, high quality legal service requires drawing on deep roots developed from experience in other cases. Harnessing that experience and judgment into a strategy that achieves the best possible outcome.

Populus Law brings 17 years of experience in litigation, business, and trial practice to bear on your unique circumstances.