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Results Based Fee Agreements

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Flexible and Results-Based Fee Agreements

Nobody enjoys writing checks to their lawyers. Populus Law works with you to understand your representation goals and handles your case consistent with your desired financial investment. Populus Law is efficient and careful with your money. Wild goose chases at your expense don't happen here.

Depending on the unique circumstances of your case, Populus Law will consider the following types of fee arrangements:

  • Hourly.
  • Contingent Fee.
  • Discounted Hourly + Partial Contingent Fee.
  • Flat Fee by Representation Stage, Monthly, Quarterly, or for the Entire Representation.
  • Sliding Flat Fee Or Hourly Rate Dependent On the Firm Meeting Representation Goals.

Populus Law works with you to provide you with the representation that you or your company needs in a way that correlates what you pay with the results achieved.

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Results-Based Fee Agreements: Plaintiff side Contingent Fees

Historically, contingent fee litigation has been undertaken for a flat percentage of the recovery. Populus Law sometimes will handle your case on this basis. The specific percentage depends on the nature of your case, so please contact Populus Law for a quote.

Populus Law also handles contingent fee litigation for a sliding percentage of the recovery. Litigation has very specific stages starting with pre-suit investigation all the way through trial and appeal. Because Populus understands each of the stages, it can handle your case for a percentage fee that starts relatively low and gradually increases as the case progresses to and through trial. What this means is that if Populus Law settles your case quickly, you receive a greater share of the settlement.

The option that is best for you depends on the nature of your case and your litigation goals. Populus Law is happy to discuss the alternatives with you and give you the time you need to examine your options and decide which one is best.

No matter how you choose to structure your fee agreement, Populus Law will never encourage you to settle for less than full and fair compensation.

Results-Based Fee Agreements: Performance-Based Bonuses

Populus Law also makes results-based fee agreements available in defense cases.  If your goal is certainty in connection with your legal expense, Populus Law is happy to discuss flat fees based on time or case stage, with any additional payment that depends on the results achieved in your case. Please contact Populus to discuss your case.