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When it Really Matters

When it Really Matters, Count on Populus Law 

Lawsuits matter. They are how people secure compensation for life-changing injuries. They are how businesses protect their critical intellectual property and competitive advantages. And both businesses and individuals have a constitutional right to a trial before a jury of their peers. Populus Law understands. Understands that lawsuits change lives for better or for worse. That lawsuits can make or break a business.  

Whether you are looking to vindicate your rights, or you have been sued and need a defense. Populus Law has got your back.   




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Areas of Practice

Patents & Intellectual Property 

Patent cases are long and complex. They can also be the difference between your business thriving and your competitors getting away with theft. Populus Law cuts through the complexity and the gamesmanship to get the decisionmakers on your side.

General Commercial LITIGATION

Contracts get breached, companies are lied to, business relationships are interfered with. Populus Law can help put your business back where it should have been if the bad acts had not occurred. Populus Law also provides the best defense money can buy - for a lot less.  

fixer services

Whether you are a plaintiff or a defendant, not every case can be won. But there is no reason that it should be lost because your attorneys don't know what they are doing. Populus Law has seen it all. And can help.  

Personal injury 

Populus Law brings the technological savvy and trial skills it uses in patent and intellectual property cases to personal injury cases. If you have been injured by a product malfunction or a defective design, Populus Law can get you the compensation you deserve. With no fee unless you win your case.  


When leaving a company to start a business, some employees overreach and take confidential information with them. Similarly, some companies overreach, and file lawsuits targeting former employees who did it all right. Populus Law has been on both sides of that battle. Successfully.  

class action fee opposition

After working for years with one of the largest class action firms in the United States, Populus law has seen abusive class action billing practices up close. Likely double billing, billing for pure travel time, mind boggling inefficiency for simple tasks, and more. No private client would tolerate it; why should a member of a class? Populus can help.  

Quality is not an act, it is a habit.
— Aristotle