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Michael Okerlund - Vice President, Legal Affairs, Arctic Cat Inc.

Nick is one of the finest intellectual property attorneys I’ve ever known.  I’ve relied on his talents, in and out of the courtroom, for over a decade.  He’s been at my side through numerous matters, including mediations, high-stakes litigation, big-dollar appeals and business matters.  Most recently I relied on Nick to spearhead a patent infringement investigation for my company.  Nick’s investigation led to the discovery of pervasive infringement by a key competitor.  When attempts to resolve the matter amicably failed, Nick filed suit to defend our rights.  He then got to work developing the case, he first-chaired the trial, proved willful infringement (under the more difficult, pre-Halo standard), and secured a verdict and judgment that (all in) approaches 50 million dollars (plus millions more in ongoing royalties).  And he did it while costing us substantially less than half of what the defendants spent on the case.  In short, he’s ethical, extremely smart, and a devastatingly effective courtroom tactician.  Do yourself a favor.  Don’t play chess with him.  And hire him before one of your competitors do.